The Fraternity


Pi Delta Gamma Fraternity Inc., was birthed by three former  members Phi Delta Psi  Fraternity Inc. founded in 1977 at Western Michigan University , the organization was established during a pre-internet age; and certain extensive research could not be done. In later years it was discovered that the letters brothers held dear to their hearts were not solely their own and were used by other existing fraternal organizations, which were founded years prior. These  brothers could no longer represent a fraternity that shared Greek letters. So, without hindering the direction or vision of the fraternity and its founders, they decided to bow out gracefully.


Therefore, on March 17th 2007, after much research and discussion, three bold men by the names of: Steve Allen, Mario Woodard, and Marlon Woodard founded Pi Delta Gamma (PDG) Fraternity Incorporated. The alpha chapter was established at Ferris State University by way of the Detroit Alumni chapter (Gamma Alpha Gamma chapter).  Pi Delta Gamma which stands for Purpose, Change & Growth; embodies our pursuit of excellence, ownership, eternal pride, and honorable brotherhood. We stand on the principles of Integrity & Dedication; and believe in serving the community with pride, dignity, and honor. Scholarship and Leadership are necessary pillars in every Gamma Man's life, we believe these attributes to be the keys to success.

  On Febuary 28th 2009 at 4:25pm in Detroit Michigan the honorable brothers of Pi Delta Gamma Fraternity incorperated, and the Courageous men of Beta Pi Delta fraternity incorperated, merged as one family. Marcus E. Shelton, the founder of this sacred organization felt that the brothers of Pi Delta Gamma had the same vision of brotherhood, change, and community service, that he had invisioned. Beta Pi Delta was founded on the belief that any man with the heart to serve his fellow brother should be given that oppurtunity rather he is undergrad or professional. So with these strong brothers joining together, to create a different way to approach the black greek world as we know it, it is not to disrespect the traditions of the past, for they are the reason we  exist today, but it is to shape the next 100 years into something that can add to our beautiful black greek history, and continue foward as positive black men should. We are now part of the future. M.O.H.A.I.!!!!  


Each Founder provided input into the Intake manual and procedures as well as Constitution and By-laws which were then completed and implemented on April 2, 2007 by unanimous vote.


The first brother to crossover into Knighthood and recieve the accolade of our Most Honorable brotherhood was Sir John D. White on May 12, 2007 in Detroit, MI. Sir White was instrumental in the development of our Detroit Alumni Chapter (Gamma Alpha Gamma).



Theta Lambda Delta Sorority, Inc. was established as our constitutionally bound sister organization on July 6th, 2007. We envisioned a change within African American Greek Letter Fraternities and Sororities that could be passed on and shared with a sister organization. The Sophisticated Ladies of Theta Lambda Delta Sorority, Inc. share the principles of Integrity & Dedication; and stand on the principles of Sisterhood, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship.


Pi Delta Gamma was officially incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan on July 10, 2007.